Our projects
India Voter Registration Roll
India Voter Registration Roll

An ambitious project about gathering, parsing and standardization of data.

It includes pdf and OCR (Optical Character Recognition) processing.

Some facts about the project:

  • About 1 billion records
  • Data in 14 languages
  • Indian fonts recognition from PDF
  • Official voter data with India Post data combining
USA voters and NCOA

Big data project about data standardization, cleansing and indexing for SOLR.

The goal was to create a fast search backend solution for Web UI.

Some facts about the project:

  • About 4 billion records
  • Address and name standardization using IntEngine
  • Source dbs includes: Infutor, Movers, Thrive, NCOA, Spoke
USA voters and NCOA
Int Framework
Int Framework

Int Framework - A powerful set of classes for rapid backend applications building.

It contains:

  • 100% testable architecture
  • Automatic logging routines
  • Request - responce paradigma as root key of framework
  • Entity Framework support out of the box
  • .NET 4.5 as well as .NET Core full support
  • Enterprise level design patterns are used
Int Engine

Int Engine - Fastest and the most powerful data cleansing engine that is based on USPS and Census TIGER databases.

It provides:

  • Address parsing based on USPS data
  • Geocoding based on Census TIGER data
  • Addresses standardization
  • Phones verification
  • Dates standardization

Int Engine