Company story

Intsurfing is a small company of visionaries and seasoned developers specializing in ETL, big data, and analytics. Our story started in 2014 in Ukraine. Back then, we were fueled by enthusiasm and determination to change the IT landscape.

We had our hearts set on fusing our deep technical expertise and high product quality standards to take development services to a whole new level.

Now, Intsurfing is goal-oriented and motivated. Our team is passionate about building fascinating products that yield results for our clients. We know what we want, and we contribute to our goal every single day.

Lately, we launched a new product - Nannostomus. It simplifies complex data and makes it accessible to everyone. The smart algorithm surfs the net, captures data from different sources, merges it into a single easy-to-grasp record, and makes it available for you. So, you can make informed and data-driven decisions in a short time and with less effort.

About us